1000-Lb. Sisters: All About Amy & Her Husband Michael's Arrests

Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman are happily married on 1000-lb Sisters, but fans may not know they have both been arrested before their marriage.

Viewers love Amy Slaton and her husband Michael Halterman on 1000-lb Sisters, but the pair’s history of run-ins with the law means they might not be as innocent as fans think that they are. Over time, fans have gotten an up-close and personal look into the lives of husband and wife duo Michael and Amy on 1000-lb Sisters. However, there are certain surprising facts about the couple’s history that their fans might not know about, from Michael’s mysterious crime to Amy spending two hours in jail.

Although Tammy Slaton has a bad track record when it comes to relationships on 1000-lb Sisters, viewers agree that Michael is a perfect match for Amy. They have been in each other’s lives for decades as they both grew up in the same hometown, Dixon, Kentucky. Amy met Michael in high school and had a long-term relationship with him before they tied the knot in March 2019. Michael is a fan-favorite among the 1000-lb Sisters audience because he is loving to his wife and extremely generous to his sister-in-law. Michael routinely cares for Tammy as if she were his own sister and has no problem including her in getaways with Amy. While Amy and Michael might have the perfect family, they haven’t always had the best relationship with the law.

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