16TB Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q SSD Review: Twice the Storage, Twice the Price

Sabrent’s 16TB Rocket XTRM-Q delivers massive storage capacity in a compact and power-efficient form factor. With up to 2.8GBps over its Thunderbolt 3 interface and RAID capability, it’s not only spacious but very fast and flexible, too.

Sabrent has pushed the boundaries of fast flash and high capacity with its recent SSDs, even more so than the biggest names in the industry. We thought that 8TB of flash storage was niche and extreme enough for most prosumers and enthusiasts when we first reviewed Sabrent’s 8TB Rocket XTRM-Q, but now the company is doubling down and pushing capacity to new limits with its 16TB model.  

The new variant doubles capacity to 16TB, but it isn’t quite as portable as the 8TB model due to its larger form factor and power requirements. While the original XTRM-Q contained one Rocket Q M.2 NVMe SSD within, the new 16TB model has two of them behind a slightly different Thunderbolt 3 bridge, providing a ton of fast flash storage and potentially bus-saturating performance for those who need it. However, it comes at a high cost, tipping the scales at roughly $3,000, making it even more of a niche buy for those who can afford it.

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