17 free books to download on Kindle and Apple Books right now

Thanks to the public domain, you can read many classic books for the best price possible: $0

You know what’s good? Buying a book for the cost of a cup of coffee. You know what’s great? Getting a classic book for free. Thanks to the magic of the public domain, there are many books you can read for exactly $0 on both Amazon’s Kindle storeAmazon’s Kindle store and Apple Books. These include reads from Plato to Peter Pan. 

Everyone knows about Kindle, but Apple Books is a real star here. It has an extensive “books you’re meant to read” list, which is stacked with books you can download for free. Many of these are also free on Amazon, but some will cost you a couple of bucks (or maybe just a couple of cents). If you’re an Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you’ll have many, many more books to read for “free”.

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