A Krypto Continuity Error Highlights Titans' Most Illogical Episode

The “Troubled Water” episode of Titans is awash with story problems with the biggest one being Krypto The Superdog’s disappearance during a key scene.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Titans season 3, episode 10, “Troubled Water.”

A continuity error involving Krypto the Superdog highlighted just how illogical a recent episode of Titans actually was. Despite its popularity, Titans has a reputation for confusing plotting, and season 3 episode 10 was no exception – featuring Nightwing and Scarecrow adopting two equally bizarre plans for victory. However, “Troubled Water” was problematic even by the rather loose standards of the show to date.

The central storyline of Titans season 3 found the team migrating from San Francisco to Gotham City, to help keep the peace in the wake of Batman killing the Joker and abandoning his city following the murder of the second Robin, Jason Todd (Curran Walters). It was quickly revealed, however, that Todd was alive (thanks to a dip in the Lazarus Pit) and that he had partnered with the Scarecrow (Vincent Kartheiser) and adopted a new identity, the Red Hood. Over the course of Titans season 3, this demonic duo tricked the Titans into helping Scarecrow escape from Arkham Asylum and breaking the near-unbreakable seals that prevented them from dumping Scarecrow’s latest experimental formula (which made people fearless rather than frightened) into Gotham City’s water supply.

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