Adafruit Trinkey QT2040 Review

It may not be for everyone, but for those that need a compact RP2040 board with access to a large range of sensors, Trinkey QT2040 is a solid choice that will get the job done.

Adafruit have taken Raspberry Pi’s RP2040, the same SoC found in the Raspberry Pi Pico, and placed it into something different. A USB key shaped device with no GPIO and limited connectivity. What were they thinking? Adafruit have created a range of RP2040 powered boards, from their smallest, QT Py RP2040 to their largest Feather RP2040 all feature a selection of GPIO pins and most come with extra features. 

For Adafruit’s latest RP2040 board we have a board designed around Adafruit’s Trinkey form factor that sees a Trinket style device merged with the convenience of a USB key. Trinkey QT2040 is designed for plug and play use and can be connected to any computer running any operating system.

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