Alienware x17 Review: A Designer Gaming Laptop

The Alienware x17 is an attractive gaming notebook with a beautiful display and a great mechanical keyboard, but it can run a bit hot despite an advanced cooling system, and it is definitely pricey.

Among the best gaming laptops, there are a variety of styles. Some go for as much RGB lighting as they can muster, while others opt for the standard black and red look we’ve seen for a decade. But a recent trend has been to make gaming laptops more subtle than in the past, with a more refined gamer flair. Alienware’s latest effort may be its most subtle and yet also among the most stylish I’ve ever seen.

The Alienware x17 isn’t just redesigned externally, though, with its soft edges and ports almost exclusively on the rear . It also has a new four-fan cooling system and a new thermal interface material, both of which are proprietary to its parent company, Dell.

All of this engineering, though, comes at a cost. The way we reviewed the laptop, with high-end parts from Intel and Nvidia, as well as 2TB of storage and a mechanical keyboard is more than $3,600, and you could go higher. That makes the x17 a laptop for those with means. If you want a designer laptop, you’re paying for the brand.

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