Amazon Kicks Off Holiday Deals With a Big Board Game Sale

It’s October, and that means the holiday shopping season has officially begun. Amazon has kicked things off by populating their daily deals section with stuff you might actually want, like board games. What’s more, many of the prices on popular board games included in Amazon’s deals are at an all-time low.

There are two board game sales on Amazon in fact – one that includes big discounts on games like Gloomhaven, Betrayal at House of the Hill, Catan, Marvel games, and more. You can shop that sale right here. The second sale focuses more on classic and family games. You can browse through that sale here. A handful of some of the top deals in Amazon’s board game sale are listed below.

You can check out more of Amazon’s holiday deals right here. If you’re rolling your eyes a bit at the Christmas creep, keep in mind that pandemic shortages an price increases are going to be a bigger problem this year than they were last year, so getting your holiday shopping done a bit early might be a good idea.

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