Americans Increasingly See China as an Enemy

Three-quarters of Americans now view China as an enemy amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which nearly the same number fear could expand to involve the United States, a recent survey has found.

This time last year, 65 percent of Americans considered China an enemy. That number has risen to 75 percent, according to the Reagan National Defense Survey published on December 1, a poll of 2,538 U.S. adults conducted between November 9 and 17, and commissioned by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.

Among those interviewed, 38 percent said China was a “strong enemy,” while a plurality of 43 percent said it posed the “greatest threat” to the U.S., down from 52 percent a year ago. The same view of President Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a threat rose from 14 percent in 2021 to 31 percent this year, the data showed.

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