AndaSeat Pretty in Pink Gaming Chair Review: Pretty Firm, Pretty Comfy

The AndaSeat Pretty in Pink comes in a beautiful baby pink shade that’ll brighten up your space. The chair’s firm feel can support you for hours. But while the seat is decently sized, the bumpers on the side take away precious wiggle room.

When it comes to picking a gaming chair, there are lots of things to potentially consider. What sort of adjustments do you need? Maybe you demand an adjustable headrest or maybe those armrests have got to be flexible. Others are particular about their upholstery. And, yet, another group will take things further and demand the chair be covered in pink. If you’re part of the latter, the AndaSeat Pretty in Pink ($400 MSRP) may just be the best gaming chair for you.

The Pretty in Pink has more to offer than just a carefree color. This is a firm chair that offers more room in its seat than many competitors. And while some chairs may offer more adjustments, the Pretty in Pink delivers the necessary, like a 160-degree recline, armrests that can go up and down or in and out and even some neck and lumbar pillows. A little pink never hurt nobody

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