Antec P82 Silent Review: Silence on a Tight Budget

Antec’s P82 Silent isn’t an exciting chassis, but sometimes that’s exactly what you’re after: understated looks and great acoustic performance at a very friendly price point. On that front, this chassis delivers.

Antec used to be one of the world’s great PC case makers, but in 2021 they’re no longer on the forefront of the chassis industry. They’re still a presence, but rather than focusing on premium, silence-focused cases, the company seems to have somewhat lost track of what it’s trying to accomplish.

But not with the P82 Silent – this new chassis might not be a premium offering, but it is a case that focuses on acoustics, paired with a pleasantly simple design. Is it good enough for our Best PC Cases list? Read on for the full details, but if you’re after a quiet, non-flashy build and don’t want to spend more than $60, the P82 is tough to beat.

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