Apple's iPhone 13 Is Even Faster Than The Company Claims

With the A15 Bionic, Apple has not only managed to achieve more power with increased efficiency, but has also widened the gap with rival chips.

Apple claimed that the A15 Bionic chip powering the iPhone 13 series is 50 percent faster than the rival chips, but a suite of exhaustive synthetic benchmark tests suggest that the latest A-series chip is actually up to 62 percent faster and leaves the competition far behind when it comes to graphics prowess as well. The A15 Bionic is based on TSMC’s N5P process, which is just a slightly improved version of the 5nm process, and that’s why supply chain sources frequently refer to its as the 5nm+ process.

The fabrication node hasn’t shrunk when compared to the A14 Bionic inside the iPhone 12 series, and Apple hasn’t provided any side-by-side A15 vs A14 performance metrics either to quantify the generation-over-generation upgrades. Interestingly, Apple is offering its latest chip in two flavors. The version inside the vanilla iPhone 13 and its mini sibling has a 4-core GPU, while the model inside the iPhone 13 Pro models packs a more powerful 5-core GPU. Even though the differences have remained under wraps so far, some concrete details have finally emerged to give users an idea of the performance gains.

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