Apple's Updated MacBook Pro Is Still Coming This Year, Insider Claims

The latest Bloomberg leak suggests a major Mac unveiling event may still be coming this October to finally reveal the revamped MacBook Pro.

After what felt like an eternal back and forth, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman just leaked that Apple‘s new MacBook Pro models with M1X chips are indeed still coming in October. The hype for the new MacBook Pro goes as far back as May of this year when the revamp was originally rumored to be released in the summer. Towards the end of June, this was pushed back to “anytime between now and early November” — claims by leakers that Gurman’s sources confirmed.

As the end of summer neared, eager fans started looking forward to a reveal during the Apple Event on September 14th, only to be hit with news of shipping delays due to chip shortages. Now, it may finally be time to officially meet the new revamp. With so much up in the air with the leaks and rumors, it’s difficult to get a handle on exactly what Apple is planning, but supply shortages and other issues have plagued the entire tech sector all year, so that’s hardly surprising.

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