Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom Star Patrick Wilson Pitches the Perfect Conjuring Crossover to James Gunn

Who wants a crossover between an old Marvel Comics-owned Casper knockoff and The Conjuring? Well, it sounds like a hilariously inappropriate idea, which is why it’s perfect for James Gunn, and after a short Twitter exchange, it seems like The Conjuring and Watchmen star Patrick Wilson has the perfect pitch for it. This all spun out of fans speculating what surprising new Marvel character Gunn will introduce to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. The name of Homer the Happy Ghost came up, and the jokes flowed naturally from there.

Gunn, who shared a tweet that included a shot of a character called Spencer the Spook taking the shape of a tent, said that the character was one of a number of Casper the Friendly Ghost imitators on the market at the time, and suggested that he would love to see Wilson and Vera Farmiga mistaking a ghost for a tent in an upcoming Conjuring installment.

“Now hang on, let me…pitch you a tent idea. (You’re welcome),” Wilson tweeted. “A KOA [campground] somewheres…Ed & Lorraine in a 70’s camper. Shenanigans ensue in a neighboring site. (Enter Crying Tent Ghost)… the Camper runs to the Warrens for help. The Camper? Orm.”

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