Batman Fans Reveal Their Most Unpopular Opinions in Twitter Challenge

Twitter was asked for its most unpopular Batman opinions, and users delivered in droves, sharing their thoughts on the Dark Knight.

As one of the most popular comic book characters on Earth, Batman has impacted the lives of countless people across his 82-year history. As such, fans have their own opinion on every aspect of the Dark Knight: his friends, his foes, his creators, his costumes, and his stories. Of course, as with any media property, not everyone has the same viewpoint.

Batman is one of DC Comics’ flagship characters, with over 80 years of comic stories as well as numerous media adaptations. The large amount of merchandise featuring the character also ensures his place in the hearts and minds of people the world over. Batman belongs to the world, and the world has opinions on him. There can usually be a consensus on the best stories, creators and adaptations, but some fans may not tow the line and have “unpopular” opinions. Now, fans are sharing their hot takes for all to see.

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