Batman's Son Proves He's More Committed to Gotham Than His Father

Future Batman Damian Wayne proves he’s more committed than his father to saving Gotham by selling his soul or killing villains to maintain order.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends #7 below!

Damian Wayne just proved that in the future, his Batman is more committed to protecting Gotham than his father, Bruce Wayne. The former Robin is so devoted to honoring the legacy of Batman that he makes an infernal deal in order to gain the advantage necessary to protect his father’s city. Following his Gotham’s destruction, Damian proves just as relentless as Bruce, plowing through a gauntlet of enemies to meet with their boss with the goal of giving whatever it takes to make things right.

Created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert in Batman #666, this alternate version of Damian Wayne witnesses the death of both his father and his mentor, Dick Grayson. With little guidance and Gotham descending into chaos, Damian supposedly bargains with the Devil to gain immortality and advanced healing on top of the training from his father and the League of Assassins. Damian is an intelligent yet much crueler Batman, having no qualms over injuring or even killing his enemies if necessary. Although he helps prevent his fair share of apocalypses, the extremely long-lived Damian is not able to prevent the destruction of Gotham by a nuclear strike in Batman: Incorporated #5.

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