Battlefield 2042 players can build and share custom modes with Battlefield Portal

EA has announced a new feature coming to Battlefield 2042. Called Battlefield Portal, it’s a customizable creative mode that will let players create and share their own unique battles and multiplayer scenarios that combine weapons, maps, and vehicles from across the franchise.

Portal goes beyond the custom multiplayer mode settings that are typical for an online shooter, though, by allowing players to mix and match elements not just from Battlefield 2042, but from earlier titles in the series like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

Players will also be able to incorporate weapons, gadgets, and vehicles from across the various historical eras, alongside classic factions pulled from the previous games. Portal will incorporate the various multiplayer classes from those earlier titles, meaning that you’ll be able to play as Battlefield 3’s Recon role just like you did in 2011. And of course, Battlefield 2042’s new additions to the franchise will be available to work with, too.

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