Battlestar Galactica Fan Builds Iconic Series Ship In Real Life

A Battlestar Galactica fan has been spending the last few years putting together what is now a nearly-complete, full-scale model of the iconic MK II Colonial Viper ship from the series. Social media user Baz Arm, who also has an Instagram page dedicated to his custom blades, has been working on the Viper, which is almost 25 feet long, since 2019, but he expects to be finished in 2022, according to a new interview he gave in Australia’s Canberra Times, his local newspaper. Luckily, between his Instagram and YouTube channels, you can watch progress over time through photos and video.

The project started in 2015, but has accelerated since the covid-19 pandemic put everyone in lockdown for a lengthy period of time, giving people a better chance to finish up their long-running projects like this. Baz says that his last big geek-centric project was an Iron Man suit, which he wore to children’s hospitals in his area.

“When I finished with that, and I couldn’t fit into the suit anymore, I went, what’s next?” he told the paper. “I’ve always been a sci-fi buff. And this is something that I liked in 1978 when I originally saw the show as a child, and then when they re-released it in 2003, the more modern sleek lines on the MK II was something I found very attractive.”

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