be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2 Review: Sibling Rivalry

The be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2 exhibits excellent cooling ability and near-silent operation, though it faces stiff competition from its own be quiet! brethren. But as either a performance option where the clearance is the primary limiting factor, or for those who favor downdraft coolers, it’s a solid choice.

In the world of CPU cooling, be quiet! has been busy lately. We recently tested (and liked) the company’s Shadow Rock Slim 2 budget air cooler. Now the company is adding to its Dark Rock series with a high-end cooler defined as a top flow (downdraft) ‘TF’ model, aptly called the Dark Rock TF 2.  Making use of six copper heatpipes and a pair of whisper-quiet Silent Wings 3 fans, be quiet! has performed some metallurgy origami to create its newest stealthy air cooler.

As a dual-heatsink downdraft cooler, the Dark Rock TF 2 utilizes a pair of large+small fin stacks, turned on their side to allow for compact or cramped builds where traditional coolers might exceed installation clearance.

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