Call Me Mother casts queens, kings, and nonbinary stars in wild new drag competition

Mother knows best, but three drag mothers? That trinity knows all. And EW has the exclusive first look at the crop of drag children who'll vie for a slice of the expertise, attention, and guidance of some of the fiercest matriarchs in the industry as part of the Call Me Mother season 1 cast.

Former RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Peppermint (season 9) and Crystal (UK season 1) team with drag legend Barbada de Barbades on the OUTtv series, which aims to find the “First Child of Drag” from among 10 diverse contestants pursuing the chance to join one of the royal trio's drag houses — Peppermint's House of Dulcet, Crystal's House of Glass, and Barbada's House of Harmonie — over the eight-week competition. Each mother will fight to adopt the contestants into their corner on episode 1 (think of The Voice minus the Minivan Majority element), and things will get even wilder from there.

“It starts with a little mama-mama-mama rivalry, and then we turn the kids on each other, and it becomes full-on Lord of the Flies,” Crystal says of the cast, which contains drag queens, kings, and nonbinary performers reiterating drag's intersectional roots. Among the cast of Canadian drag performers is a chef, a social activist, a Two-Spirit burlesque artist, a theater actress, and a drag king with a penchant for sewing historical menswear, among others. Peppermint asserts the cast represents “the truth” about the drag industry. But along with raw truth comes “plenty of tears” and “a few snatchings,” as the mama queens go full mama bear to keep their kids behaving.

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