Captain America's New Team Is Fighting The Spirit of Hitler (Literally)

In the latest issue of the United States of Captain America, Steve Rogers has united Captain America past and present to fight the spirit of Hitler.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for United States of Captain America #4

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ United States of Captain America, Steve Rogers finally has a full team of Captain Americas to combat the spirit of Hitler himself. Originally gathering Caps to help him get his shield back after it was stolen, a much bigger plot has been discovered that threatens to bring the country to its knees, giving Rogers and his allies a whole new threat to face. Additionally, they’re also working alongside the network of grassroots Captain Americas throughout the country.

In previous issues of The United States of Captain America from Christopher Cantwell and a variety of all-star artists, Steve Rogers’ shield was stolen by Red Skull’s daughter Sinthea, Commander Krieger, and Speed Demon who’ve they’ve had dressed up as Captain America to ruin Rogers’ reputation. While they’ve been targeting various Captain Americas across the country, the latest issue from Cantwell and Rom Lim sees them headed to NORAD intending to release Hate-Monger, the living psychoactive energy derived from the consciousness of Adolf Hitler himself, intending to turn America against itself by corrupting its symbols (such as Captain America and his shield).

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