Captain Marvel’s Kelly Thompson Breaks Down Last of the Marvels Part 1 and Teases the Future (Exclusive)

Captain Marvel’s anticipated Last of the Marvels arc hit the ground running in issue #32, delivering an action-packed chapter with some big twists that knocked Carol for a loop, and the story’s next anticipated chapter hits next week in Captain Marvel #33. We left off with Carol getting to Kamala Khan right before she’s been completely taken over by the alien suit that caused Carol to attack her teammates, and had a chance to talk to writer Kelly Thompson all about the first issue and what’s in store for the next chapter and the series as a whole, and you can find an exclusive preview of issue #33 right here!

Thompson has wanted to get to a point where she could bring in Captain Marvels of the past, and The Last Avenger was the point where it all became clear how to make that happen.

“Well, I’d say that I was planning it in the sense that I knew if we got a long enough run, a story with the current and former Captain Marvels would be a must. But it was definitely The Last Avenger that gave me the idea for how we could do it in a way that would both resonate for readers and also tie to the ideas and themes of this run,” Thompson said.

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