Chrome App for Android Now Acts as 2-Step Verification

After trying to sign in on a new device, users will receive a prompt on their phone asking them if they are trying to sign in. The Google Prompt message opens a full-screen page asking, “Are you trying to sign in?” with “Yes” and “No, it’s not me” options at the bottom of the display.

Then a subsequent message appears that reads, “Someone is trying to sign in to your account from a nearby device.” Users will have to confirm on their phone that this is indeed them signing into another device. Finally, a “Connecting to your device” message appears with a rotating animation akin to usual phone security measures.

The new feature utilizes caBLE (cloud-enabled Bluetooth Low Energy) for its security checks. Bluetooth Low Energy refers to a device using Bluetooth technology on a low-frequency band to communicate with other devices. The tech is notable for its short connection times, but high data rates. This communication is enabled via the Google Cloud.

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