DC Officially Has A New Superman

DC has a brand new Superman after the events of Superman: Son of Kal-El #3. Superman is out of the Justice League for interfering in an international conflict involving a Genesis Fragment in Action Comics #1035. Now, Clark Kent is free to visit WarWorld and free the prisoners that Mongol has captured there. Of course, this creates an issue because there would be no one there to protect the Earth without Superman. However, The Man of Steel has a fix for that, his son Jon Kent. Both father and son have been preparing for this moment for a while. Jon is terrified of his father leaving because of the challenges that await among the stars.

Recently, a trip to the future saw the younger Kryptonian receive news that his father is killed somehow off-planet. But, in this week’s issue, Superman puts those fears at ease by telling his son that he doesn’t believe in fate, he believes in Jon. The father has all the faith in the world that Earth’s new Superman is up to the challenge. Every lesson he’s tried to teach Jon and the experiences with other heroes have prepared him for this moment. The two embrace as Superman goes out to help those in need and Jon is going to have to become the Superman he was always going to be.

“The biggest thing for Jon is learning the responsibility of it all,” Sean Lewis, writer of the lead stories in Future State: Superman of Metropolis said to DC about his version in the future. “We usually think that means being able to make the right decisions. But it also has to do with risking the wrong decisions. Risking making mistakes.”

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