Deathloop’s Ending Explained

Critics loved “Deathloop,” the first person shooter from Arkane Studios and Bethesda, but not for the reasons many people might expect. Though critics noted that the game was fun and provided smooth, engaging gameplay, they also praised its story, which twists and turns over one recurring day to a satisfying ending. However, “Deathloop” is admittedly difficult to keep up with, and much of the lore that gamers find throughout the title is hidden in documents and on tape recorders, which can be easy to miss. Because “Deathloop” provides a multitude of different ways to play (stealth, run and gun), it’s easy to bypass information entirely, making the plot a little difficult to follow.

The game follows Colt Vaughn, a Visionary working with the AEON program in Blackreef. Blackreef is a time-anomaly, and nine Visionaries are tasked with protecting it. As long as the Loop remains stable, everyone in Blackreef will wake up back at the beginning of the Loop after it ends, even if they died sometime during the sequence. It seems that the Loop used to be longer, but by the time “Deathloop” begins, residents are reliving the same day over and over again, their memories wiped once the Loop restarts. The only people who remember what happened Loop to Loop are Colt and Julianna, his mysterious rival and constant threat. In order to break the Loop and free its inhabitants, Colt must kill every Visionary in a single day, destabilizing the time anomaly and ending the Loop for good.

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