Deathstroke Just Became Deadlier Than Ever by Stealing Batman’s Arsenal

Batman recently lost his billions and the ability to pay for his arsenal of gadgets. Happily, Deathstroke has a use for the Dark Knight’s technology.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Deathstroke Inc. #1!

In DC Comics’ new Deathstroke Inc., Slade Wilson has become even more dangerous now that he has his hands on Batman‘s arsenal of tech and vehicles. Having lost his billionaire status in the aftermath of The Joker War, the Dark Knight can no longer afford his nearly limitless supply of expensive gadgets, many of which were scattered throughout the city. This vacuum has resulted in the secret organization known as T.R.U.S.T. buying up his arsenal for their own use. Furthermore, now that Slade Wilson is one of their top agents, he has free reign to use Batman’s gear on missions.

In the Joker War, Joker stole Bruce Wayne’s billions while also taking several of the Dark Knight’s vehicles and weapons for his own, arming his men and instructing them to unleash complete chaos with Batman’s gadgets. While the Clown Prince of Crime was ultimately beaten, Batman did not receive his money back and is no longer a billionaire going forward. As such, he can no longer afford to store, let alone run, the majority of his high-tech and extremely expensive gear, nor the services of Hiro Okamura (aka Toyman 2.0), who the Dark Knight had hired to maintain it all and make new gadgets for him when needed.

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