Deltarune Chapter 1: How to Find (& Beat) the Secret Boss

Deltarune Chapter 1 has a secret boss for players to challenge. This guide will show players how to find and defeat this ultimate Deltarune challenge.

Chapter 1 of Deltarune features a secret boss that players might have missed on their first playthrough. With the release of Chapter 2, players are eager to jump back into this magical world with Kris, Susie, and Ralsei. While Toby Fox, the developer behind both Undertale and Deltarune works on releasing more chapters, it’s possible that players might not have discovered every secret within the chapters that already exist. In this case, players can take on Jevil, the most difficult boss battle in the game.

In order to battle Jevil, players will first need to find their location. Jevil can be found hiding within the Castle, the final location of Chapter 1, and players will need all 3 keys in order to unlock the door to him. After clearing out the Castle Dungeon, walk past the shop and take the elevator to the first floor. Head down and to the right to find another elevator with the floor ‘????” and head downstairs. After getting off the elevator, follow the path to find Jevil.

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