Demon Slayer Game Dev's Naruto Pedigree Is A Great Sign

CyberConnect2 has a history of working on anime titles based on Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, a fact which makes them perfect for Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles will likely find itself in good hands with a development studio that has plenty of experience working on anime titles. The Demon Slayer video game, being published by Sega, is under development at CyberConnect2, and while CC2’s history can be traced back to the .Hack series of games on the PlayStation 2, it is their most recent and notable ventures that give it the pedigree that makes it a great fit for the anime title’s adaptation to video games.

While CyberConnect2’s first large-scale project was the .Hack RPG series, the company had become more well-known for their anime games in the Naruto franchise. The Naruto games began as 2.5D fighting games as the Ultimate Ninja series in 2003  before the advent of the PlayStation 3 placed the series on a 3D plane and rebranding it as Ultimate Ninja Storm in 2008. The rebranding brought a new style and feel to the series to better emulate what fans of the Naruto franchise witnessed in the anime. This style became CyberConnect2’s most recognizable trademark for years to come.

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