Dish adds HBO Max and will now offer HBO and Cinemax

Following a prolonged standoff between Dish Network and AT&T over licensing terms to carry HBO channels, Dish has reached an agreement with WarnerMedia to offer HBO, HBO Max, and Cinemax.

Dish TV customers nationwide will be able to access both the HBO and Cinemax networks today, though they’ll need to subscribe to HBO Max to get linear HBO. To promote the deal, Dish will run a free 10-day preview of the premium networks for existing customers right around the time the Olympics Games will be wrapping up, from August 6 to August 15. Customers don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the preview; the networks will appear automatically.

Users interested in subscribing to HBO Max can score a discounted subscription to the service’s ad-free plan at $12 per month for up to a year if they sign up before October 27th. The service normally costs $15 per month without ads, or $10 per month if you don’t mind seeing ads on non-HBO titles. Cinemax will cost an additional $10 per month and will also include the 5-Star Max and More Max channels.

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