Disney Sidekicks Review: A Welcoming and Entertaining Disney Experience

The heroes of the Disney universe typically command all the attention, but Spin Master Games is giving some of Disney’s most beloved sidekicks some love with their new board game Disney Sidekicks. In this cooperative board game, players take control of characters like Abu, the Fairy Godmothers, Lumiere, and more as they attempt to rescue their friends from the castle and defeat villains like Captain Hook, Maleficent, Gaston, and others in the process. It’s a truly welcoming experience for newcomers to the board game genre, but packs some extra challenge and strategy for experienced players as well, so if you’ve got some Disney fans at your next game night, you can’t go wrong with Disney Sidekicks.

Once you pick a sidekick and villain set, you’ll choose three abilities for the game. To utilize these, which allow you to do things like gain additional health, move without using an action, gain extra stars, and more, you’ll need to rescue villagers, and once you’ve filled the card with enough of them,  you’ll unlock those abilities for use in the game. Some are obviously more useful than others, but the fact that you only choose three out of the given abilities ensures you’ll have a different experience when playing with the same characters in a later game.

The game also approaches movement and character placement differently from other titles. You can’t place more than one character in a space, so when you move, you skip over spaces with characters already in them and land on the next available one. This brings some strategy in how you approach a certain layout of the map, as one character can place themselves on a space to help the next player get further on the path. Likewise, you can use villains to get a space with villagers on it or something else, and that doesn’t include special abilities that let you choose anywhere on the board

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