Doctor Doom is Killing Marvel's Universe, Just How Fans Expected

Doctor Doom is a very proud and arrogant villain, but now those qualities may have doomed the entire Marvel Universe to total destruction.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Darkhold Alpha!

One of Doctor Doom’s biggest flaws is his hubris; he sees himself above everyone around him, be they Reed Richards or Storm, and now Doom’s pride is going to destroy the Marvel Universe. In Darkhold Alpha, on sale now in print and digital, the Latverian dictator brings the sinister Darkhold to his home reality, unleashing its evil on an unsuspecting world.

Doctor Doom is not only one of Marvel’s best villains, he is one of the best in comics period. As skilled in magic as he is in science, Doctor Doom rules over the European nation of Latveria with a literal iron fist. Doom’s plans of conquest and terror have brought him into conflict with just about every hero in the Marvel Universe, ranging from the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man to Luke Cage. Doom’s recent scheme involves the Darkhold, an ancient book of evil spells written by the god Chthon. Whoever reads from the book gains its powers but is also driven insane, and Doom seeks it for himself. He implements a workaround to avoid insanity, but his pride blinds him to a flaw in his plan—and now Earth may pay the price. Darhold Alpha is written by Steve Orlando, with art by Cian Tormey, colors by Jesus Aburtov and letters by Clayton Cowles.

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