Doctor Strange is Destined To Be Killed, Marvel Confirms

In the latest preview for Savage Avengers #25, the fate of Doctor Strange is particularly grim as the hero keeps getting killed.

Warning! Spoilers for Savage Avengers #25 by Marvel Comics below

It’s been a rough stretch for Doctor Strange in the comics, as the hero has now been killed twice in both present future timelines. In a new preview for Savage Avengers #25 by Marvel Comics, the Sorcerer Supreme’s last wish to call in Kang the Conqueror to help save the day is proven successful. Still, the time-traveling villain has some words about the fallen hero.

Killing Doctor Strange is a tall task, as Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme is one of the most powerful heroes in the entire Multiverse. However, in the recent The Death of Doctor Strange miniseries, Stephen Strange met his end at the hands of a mysterious murderer. As the Earth and Multiverse are thrown into peril following his demise, another comic tells the story of another Doctor Strange death. In Savage Avengers #24, Strange was one of the few survivors of Kulan Gath’s takeover. But, in the dark future where most Marvel heroes are dead, his last words to Conan Barbarian set the heroes’ only chance at survival into motion.

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