Doctor Strange's Wong Believes He Could Beat Even More MCU Villains

When Mordo and Kaecilius arrive after Doctor Strange’s death, Wong proves he’s more of a threat to Marvel’s villains than fans might assume.

Warning: contains spoilers to Death of Doctor Strange #1!

While he may not be Sorcerer Supreme, The Death of Doctor Strange #1 just revealed that Wong, Stephen Strange’s loyal valet, is confident he could take down several villains fans know from the MCU, even aside from Abomination – who fans saw Wong fight in Shang-Chi. His movie counterpart, portrayed by actor Benedict Wong, has proved he can hold his own against sorcerers and agents of Thanos, acting as a hero in his own right.

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in Strange Tales #110, Wong followed his family’s tradition of first-born sons being trained to serve mystics on the side of good, such as the current Sorcerer Supreme. Trained in mystical and martial arts under the supervision of the Ancient One, Wong was instructed to go to America to serve Stephen Strange, who would eventually inherit the responsibility of the Sorcerer Supreme from his former teacher. Although they haven’t always agreed or seen eye to eye on certain situations, Wong has faithfully served alongside Doctor Strange through the ups and downs of his superhero career. Wong has proved more than once that he is as formidable in battle as he is in the kitchen of their famous Bleecker Street home, the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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