Does No Time To Die’s Ending Do Daniel Craig Justice?

Despite some major flaws, the new James Bond movie No Time To Die is a fitting and to the Daniel Craig-era story arc for the iconic character.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond in No Time To Die is in many ways a fitting swansong for the character. After five films in 15 years, the movie is the culmination of a complete story arc the likes of which the saga has never seen before. However, despite the obvious ambition – both throughout Craig’s tenure in the role and in the film itself – there is a fierce debate over whether or not No Time To Die actually does its star justice.

The film picks up from where the previous 007 entry, Spectre, left off – seeing Bond and his love interest Madeleine Swann traveling the Italian countryside together. However, their newfound bliss is soon interrupted as Bond’s old adversaries from the Spectre organization attack. This sets off a chain of events, which brings Bond, Swann, old enemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and new villain Lyutsifer Safin on a collision course with ultimately tragic consequences. Over the course of the nearly 3-hour runtime, Bond also reconnects with classic characters like M, Moneypenny and Q, all while butting heads with new 007 agent Nomi (played by Lashana Lynch)

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