Dog’s Skeleton Halloween Costume Goes Viral

It’s never too early to get a head start on your Halloween costume, or even your dog’s Halloween costume, but you should know that one pup on the block might already have you beat. A video of a dog styled in such a way that it looks like a walking skeleton went viral online today, amassing some 85,558 upvotes on the “next. f-cking. level.” subreddit  on Reddit before making its way to Twitter. Users were quick to point out online how the dye-job was likely safe for the animal, and also that he’s clearly a very good boy.

Comments on the video ranged from concern for the dog to concern for the people who were being upright about the dog. Largely though it seems like everyone agrees, this rules. The top comment however is one that ’80s kids will likely get a guffaw out of, with user /u/lola-buns writing: “I don’t know how you’re going to make your other dog look like the Karate Kid but I’m waiting for the follow-up video of them chasing each other around.”

This dog just won every Halloween costume contest happening this year.

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