Doom Slayer Comes ToSmash Bros. UltimateAs Mii Costume

Doom Slayer may not be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final DLC fighter, but he is still coming to the game in the form of its final Mii Costume. While his omission now seems like such an oversight, the costume offers a surprisingly detailed facsimile.

The Doom Slayer Mii Costume will get added to Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the game’s Round 11 DLC pack, on October 18, for $0.75. A Splatoon-inspired costume for Octoling will also be added in the form of a hat, as will Judd, the game’s multiplayer match referee kitten. The Doom Slayer and Octoling are gunner Miis, while Judd will be a brawler.

Doom Slayer, AKA Doomguy, had been rumored to be coming to Nintendo’s cross-over fighting extravaganza for years. While there was no hard evidence, circumstantial facts like Doom and Doom Eternal both getting ported to Switch buoyed fans hopes. Early last year, however, Id Software director Marty Stratton poured cold water on speculation, telling the Metro that while the studio had joked around about the possibility, nothing serious had ever materialized.

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