Dragon Ball Super Team Teases the Anime’s NYCC Panel

Dragon Ball Super may be quiet right now, but the franchise will not stay that way for long. Not only is the manga slated to drop a new chapter this month but all eyes are on Goku’s appearance at New York Comic Con. The big event is returning this year in-person, and Toei Animation is teasing what they have in store for Dragon Ball Super‘s panel.

The tease went down recently when Weekly Dragon Ball News updated fans with a new video. Uchida was there as always hosting the event, and the representative shared a few key details about the event.

As confirmed by NYCC, the panel will be held on Thursday, October 7th. The main stage event will go down at 12:30 – 1:30 PM EST. According to Uchida, the official Dragon Ball website will update fans in real-time as the panel goes down, so fans are hoping that includes the official English website. And of course, there will be “heaps” of new info dished on stage.

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