Dread Hunger Release Date Revealed, Bad Medicine Update Detailed

In announcing a full PC release date for Dread Hunger,  Digital Confectioners also deployed the Bad Medicine update for Early Access players.

Social deception game Dread Hunger will launch in full on PC in November, publisher Digital Confectioners announced; the group has also unleashed a new Early Access update, Bad Medicine. Counting among the titles that capitalized on Among Us‘ popularity as a social deduction experience, Dread Hunger entered Steam Early Access this past April, offering players a different type of social gameplay.

Much like Among Us, Dread Hunger emphasizes survival and betrayal. It takes a disparate tact, though, throwing dark magic and a ship voyage into the mix. Set in the 19th Century, each match of Dread Hunger sees eight explorers embark on an adventure through the unforgiving Arctic. Along the way, the crew must fend off threats such as wolves, while trying to stay warm and hunt for sustenance. But other threats lurk about as well, namely those of the traitorous equation. Said troublemakers include two traitors, both of whom summon dark powers in an effort to undermine the already dangerous voyage. Everyone else, then, must deduce the identities of the guilty parties.

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