Earth Is Growing Dimmer As Climate Change Worsens

As Earth reflects less sunlight back into space, the dark side of the moon gets darker. This change has been measured and is quickly getting worse.

Just over a month ago, scientists from Big Bear Solar Observatory in California published a paper that examined the Earth’s gradual dimming since 1998. This phenomenon has been observed for over 20 years by examining the amount of light Earth reflects onto the dark side of the moon, which is also known as “earthshine.” The less sunlight Earth reflects back into space, the dimmer the planet becomes to the celestial bodies around it.

As climate change continues to worsen, Earth’s atmosphere thins, and with it, so does our cloud cover. These clouds provide the greatest amount of light reflection after snow and ice, all of which are far ahead of land and sea. They’re also Earth’s first line of protection against the Sun, a fact that is commonly mentioned in combination with global warming, as less reflection means more absorption. However, it would seem this also has an effect on how we see our moon.

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