Elden Ring Trailer Could Be Shown Publicly Soon

Hints, easter eggs, and dubious insider info suggest that there just might be a trailer for From Software’s upcoming RPG Elden Ring coming soon.

The trailer for Elden Ring might be coming soon, based on speculation and a cryptic audio-based ester egg discovered in the recent Demon’s Souls remake. From Software’s newest title is set to combine the developer’s legendary RPG difficulty with the writing and worldbuilding of renowned fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin. As exciting as the title looks, all fans have been treated to so far is a brief teaser, with no in-depth info on the lore or combat. In spite of this lack of info, Xbox head Phil Spencer has gone on record claiming that the game is already playable.

It’s already been a pretty good year for fans of From Software’s trademark difficulty formula. The legendary developer has spawned a whole new genre of “Soulslike” games, and this genre is getting more and more populous by the day. Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have released a new franchise called Nioh, which brings Soulslike gameplay to Feudal Japan and sets players against mystical demons and yokai. The most recent game in this franchise, Nioh 2, has been very well-received by critics, and has flourished in its post-launch lifespan thanks to DLC. Soulslike traditionalists who were lucky enough to get a PS5 have also been able to enjoy Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls, giving them a fresh chance to explore the genre’s earliest roots.

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