Epomaker GK108S Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Kit Review: Big Size, Low Cost

Epomaker’s GK108S has a lot going for it, and its low price leaves you with enough money to turn this good barebones mechanical keyboard kit into a great final product.

Barebones keyboards kits provide an easy way for folks to build their own clackers, without having to source a lot of different parts or even necessarily put them together. All you need to bring are your favorite switches and keycaps. However, with so many enthusiasts focused on smaller form factors, we rarely see full-size, 104-key or larger barebones keyboards, and barebones kits at any size can be pricey. 

Enter Epomaker’s GK108S. This $90 kit (there’s also the cheaper, wired GK108)  has room for a full 108 keys while providing built-in Bluetooth connectivity, RGB lighting and a sturdy-feeling steel plate, many of the same traits found among the best wireless keyboards sold prebuilt.  The GK108S couldn’t be much easier to set up, as it comes pre-assembled and uses hot-swappable sockets that support either 3 or 5-pin switches.  That means absolutely no soldering when you want to change your mechanical keyboard switches. However, this budget, barebones kit is far from perfect because it suffers from a couple of frustrating design drawbacks and unusable software. 

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