EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Review: A Great Gaming Headset

The EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset is a wired headset that balances quality audio, intuitive features and high comfort levels.

The EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset is the newest high-end wired headset for the Danish company, coming in at a solid $179 price point. It’s an extremely polished device that provides a blend of crisp audio quality, sleek yet comfortable design, and intuitive features, to make it an easy recommendation for those looking for their next great headset.

EPOS offers two different variants of the H6PRO headset to choose from: Open Acoustic and Closed AcousticThe Open Acoustic variant is best used for cinematic gaming and features ventilation holes in the ear cups to allow sound to naturally filter in and out, creating a wider soundscape for better sound and letting users hear their own voice/outside environment while playing. The Closed Acoustic variant is marketed more towards individuals trying to eliminate outside distractions for competitive gaming sessions, foregoing the ventilation holes in the ear cups to prevent any sound from leaking in or out to help players solely focus on a game’s sounds. Screen Rant was provided with the H6PRO Open Acoustic variation for this review.

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