Every Character Marvel Is Suing Creators For The Rights Of

The creators of some of the most popular MCU superheroes have sued for the rights of their characters, which Marvel is fighting hard to retain.

Marvel is suing creators for the rights of multiple prominent MCU characters. Ever since Iron Man‘s success in 2008, Marvel Studios has slowly built a widely successful franchise of interconnected superhero films and TV series, aided by Walt Disney Studios’ acquirement of the company in 2009. Yet, the creators of some of its most popular heroes have sued for the rights of their characters.

According to the Copyright Revision Act of 1976, copyright ownership should revert to the original creator 60 years after their product’s creation. This deadline rapidly approaches for many Marvel characters, which their creators are very aware of. Writer and artist Larry Lieber filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company to regain rights to several characters, and has since been joined by the estate of Steve Ditko, the estate of Don Heck, the heirs of Don Rico, and the heirs of Gene Colan.

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