Everything That Just Changed After The Minecraft 2.30 Update

Even though “Minecraft” is well over a decade old, the game still has tons of people still playing, and the team at Mojang Studios is still reliably delivering updates and fresh content for the wildly popular sandbox and survival title. The most recent improvement to the game — titled 2.30 on the PlayStation edition of the game with the master reference number of 1.17.32 (Bedrock) on the official “Minecraft” support forums — just arrived on Sept. 30, 2021.

“Minecraft” fans shouldn’t expect anything quite as drastic as the “Cliffs & Caves” update, which has been arriving in parts over 2021. The first portion of that update launched this summer and introduced new blocks like copper and crystals, fun items like the spyglass and a lightning rod, in addition to a friendly axolotl and some shockingly aggressive goats. The second half of that significant update is expected to arrive later this year, although the “Minecraft” team has not set a definite launch date for that release.

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