EVGA X570 Dark Review: EVGA Embraces AMD

EVGA’s first AMD motherboard, the X570 Dark, is well-rounded, with many overclocking-focused features. It also delivers great overall performance. But the nearly $700 price means there are dozens of more-affordable alternatives.

As unbelievable as it may seem, EVGA has produced an AMD motherboard. We’re at least as shocked as you are as we stare at the EVGA X570 Dark sitting on our test bench. Like its Z590-based cousin, the X570 Dark is primarily focused on overclocking. Priced at $689.99, it’s far from cheap, but it comes with many features aimed at the part of the market interested in pushing things to the absolute limit, including overbuilt power delivery, two DRAM slots, and ProbeIT monitoring functionality — but that’s far from all.

Like the Z590 Dark, the X570 version includes an improved appearance that looks the part of a high-end board, but doesn’t have as many aesthetic shrouds, leaving more of the PCB exposed. Remember, the Dark’s pedigree is overclocking, where function trumps form, but any aesthetic improvements are welcome. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the socket orientation is rotated 90 degrees from what we’re used to. This configuration is helpful for memory overclocking and makes for better cable management, with the EPS power connector relocated to the right side. In the end, it’s a good-looking board that gets by without all the shiny bits other boards in this price range have.

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