Exhausted Man Is a Game About Being Very, Very Tired

In light of Steam Next Fest, a free demo is available for those who wish to try Exhausted Man – a game about navigating everyday life while tired.

Developed by Candleman Games Studio (known for the hit 2017 light-based platformer Candleman), Exhausted Man is an upcoming Steam indie title that has players literally struggling to stay awake as they navigate everyday life. The game is currently offered up as a free Steam Next Fest Demo all this week, along with interesting titles like the RTS Starship Troopers – Terran Command and the retro-style adventure Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan. The Steam Next Fest event started last Friday, October 1, and is set to run until this Thursday, October 7.    

As for Exhausted Man, Candleman Games Studio promises that players will take control of “an ordinary person who is exhausted but refuses to sleep” as they slide, twist, and roll across various household environments to complete everyday tasks and hopefully improve their character’s life. Additionally, players can build their own custom levels and play through them at their leisure, and there are hidden stories within even the most common everyday items. So far, responses to Exhausted Man on Steam Community have been quite positive, with players praising the Steam Next Fest Demo for its fun and unique gameplay.

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