Experts Explain Why Older Devices Might Stop Working Soon

A key digital certificate for smart devices has expired, and experts say it could leave a lot of older tech without a secure way to connect online.

As we have come to rely on smart devices more and more, we also have come to rely on the internet to access the information we need. To access that information, though, smart devices are given digital certificates, which help them connect securely to websites and other online content, ensuring the data you’re sharing isn’t accessed by unknown parties. With IdenTrust DST Root CA X3 expiring at the end of September, though, the security of those older devices could be in jeopardy, or they could stop connecting online altogether.

“Root certificates are used to issue specific certificates to websites/servers. Often, smart devices connect to an API or other website, and they should do that securely over HTTPS/TLS,” Ryan Toohil, chief technology officer at Aura, an online security firm, explained to Lifewire in an email.

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