Fabrizio Guido, Craig Tate, & Mason Beauchamp Interview: Black As Night

Stars Fabrizio Guido, Craig Tate and Mason Beauchamp discuss the return of Welcome to the Blumhouse with the coming-of-age horror film Black As Night.

With the return of the Halloween season comes the return of Welcome to the Blumhouse, with the next group of films beginning with Bingo Hell and Black As Night. The latter centers on New Orleans teenager Shawna (Asjha Cooper) as she learns of a clan of vampires preying on the dilapidated project her mother lives in and partners with her friends to bring them down.

Ahead of the horror film’s arrival, Screen Rant spoke with stars Fabrizio Guido, Craig Tate, and Mason Beauchamp to discuss Black As Night and the social commentary of the Welcome to the Blumhouse installment.

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