Fastest Mobile Networks Canada 2018

Telus takes the crown for the second year as Canada’s fastest mobile network—and in part, it has Bell to thank for that.

Canada’s number-two and number-three carriers share spectrum and equipment, and have pooled their wireless assets in many places so they’re capable of wider channels and faster speeds than Rogers or the regional carriers. That’s resulted in the fastest 4G LTE speeds we’ve ever seen in North America, with peaks over 780Mbps on Bell and Telus’ new 1.2Gbps network in Kingston, ON.

We’ve been reporting this story every year since 2013, and spent the month of August this year tooling around cities large and small with phones from all three major carriers to give you the best picture of comparative performance in 2018. (For more on how we test, see our testing methodology page.) We measured speeds in 36 cities of varying sizes in all 10 provinces, from the tiny Trinity Peninsula in Newfoundland to the towering Greater Toronto Area.

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