'Fauci' Documentary Trailer Spotlights the Life of America's Most Famous Public Servant Coming Soon to Disney+

Dr. Anthony Fauci will tell his story on October 6.

It's hard to find a more prominent figure throughout the COVID-19 than renowned epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci. Named Time's “Guardian of the Year” alongside fellow healthcare workers in 2020, Fauci has become an icon for his frequent public appearances addressing America on the state of the pandemic. Now, a new National Geographic documentary reflects on the life of one of America's most prolific doctors, and it will debut on Disney+ this week, on October 6.

Titled Fauci, the documentary dives into both the professional and personal history of the infectious disease specialist. His tenure in Washington has spanned seven presidential administrations and in that time, he's been involved in the fight against SARS, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola. In the trailer, he notes how the AIDS crisis specifically took a mental toll on him, from the rapid deaths to the widespread protests against the government's response. He's faced much of the same during the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming a hero to some and a target for others as political differences shape how citizens respond to the crisis at hand.

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