Fractal Design Ion Gold 850W Power Supply Review

The Fractal Design Ion Gold 850W is on the cheaper end, uses a modern platform and has functional protection features, but its overall performance is not as high as in competing offerings.

Although the Fractal Design Ion Gold 850W uses a modern platform provided by High Power, its overall performance cannot go toe-to-toe with most offerings in this category. Nonetheless, this product’s real strength is value, offering a high performance per price ratio. The best PSUs, like the new Corsair RM850x, the Seasonic GX-850 and the XPG Core Reactor 850, offer notably higher performance levels, but also cost notably more than the Fractal Design Ion Gold 850W. Moreover, the Fractal Design Ion Gold 850W still comes with a functional set of protection features, which is vital for power supplies. 

The fresh Ion Gold line, by Fractal Design, comes in four flavors, with capacities ranging from 550W to 850W. These products are more affordable versions of Fractal Design’s Ion+ Platinum models, with both lines being manufactured by High Power. They use the same platform with some component changes. This review will take a detailed look at the strongest member of the Ion Gold family, which also features a fully modular cable design in addition to its 850W capacity. 

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